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Picture Problems

Problems with your tv pictures can be frustrating.  If you have Hi- definition cable tv, you should have good reception on your Hi-def. channels.

Before you think you have bad pictures, please make sure you understand this; For true Hi-def. the program must have been filmed using a Hi-def.

camera, it must be broadcast in a HD format, and must be displayed on a HD television. 

So, if you are watching an older movie on a HD channel, the movie was filmed with an analog or digital camera, and that is the explanation

of why that movie does not appear on your HD tv in Hi-definition.  Also, the larger screen tvs need HD programming to

make the best of your tv viewing experiences.  If you have a 25 inch or less HD tv, you can still get pretty good reception with just

digital tv from your cable provider.  In fact, if you want just basic tv programming(without a cable box,) most cable providers

provide their local channels in HD as well as digital.  You must have a HD cable box to get HD channels, besides local stations,

and each HD channel should be clearly labeled as HD.  For tvs over 25 inches, I highly recommend getting an HD cable box,

unless all you watch is local programming.  Next, you may want to look behind your HD cable box and tv, and look at the cable/s

connecting them.  If you have a cables that look like either of the next two pictures hooked up between your box and tv, you should be good.


 If you only have a regular cable with  screw-on connectors going between your HD box and tv, then you are not getting the full potential of your HD programming or tv's picture in true Hi-def.

As with all cable tv products, there is a cable input line going to your HD box, and the connection should be tight.  Make sure you do not over-tighten it though, because that causes other problems.

If you have checked all cable connections for tightness in your home, and your HDMI cable connections are pushed in all the way, or your multi-colored component video cable's colors are

hooked up to the correct output jacks of the HD box or input jacks of your tv, and you are still seeing problems in your tv pictures, try watching a DVD or a Blue Ray movie, and if the

pictures look good, you will have to call your cable provider to send a technician out to troubleshoot the problem.  If the problem is a defective HD box, you should not have to pay a service

charge for the visit.  If the technician finds the problem at the pole, the service charge should be waived.  If you have any questions, you can contact me, by clicking on "contact us" to the left, in the navigation bar.

Wes Burgan


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