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Former Comcast Technician

 Hi, my name is Wes Burgan.  I used to work for Comcast Cable for almost 12 years.  I had a couple of years of cable experience when I joined them, and was even one of their contractors in Ft. Wayne Indiana for a short period of time in the late 90s.  Soon after signing up and working for Comcast, I was regreting my decision to work there, and was even begging for one of my old jobs back in the truck parts industry.  That didn't work out, and I really did want to continue to work in the field of cable, so I put my mind to it and concentrated on being one of the best.  About a couple of years went by, and I was considered a Senior Installer Tech. with a brand new work van, and recognized by the Installation Department as being one of their best installers.  I did not want to stay an installer though, so I applied for Service Technician whenever the position was posted.  I was passed up for service 4 times until I was finally promoted to the Service Dept.  Things were looking a lot better for me in service, even though it was like starting the job all over again.  I had to move in to an old clunker of a work van again, and I was the lowest in seniority in the department.  I didn't mind though, I was just happy not having to pull install routes anymore, and after a couple of years, I was looking foreward to being able to move into a new work van.  Well, things started going bad again.  The company decided that they were going to do away with the Service  and  Installation Departments, and have all the technicians do both jobs.  Not only that, they wanted to add additional duties on top of our normal cable tv installations and service calls.  Now we were going to be responsible for the installation and service of cable tv, internet, and voice.(home phone)  Nobody was happy about the changes, mabe except for newer technicians, due to it gave new guys a chance to move up the technical ladder quicker, if they were motivated enough, and if their supervisor was willing to help them get their classes.  I however, usually had a problem when it came to registering for classes.  It seemed that most of the time, when I would sign up for a class, it would be cancelled, or eternally postponed.  I finally gave up on those classes, and even mentioned it to my supervisors, in which they never seemed to be suprised.  Anyways, things did get better for me for a short period of time in the years after the big changes.  I was promoted to a position of being in charge of the Leakage Department for our system's southern territorys.  I worked hard trying to keep our company's good record in signal leakage control.  I beleive our system was proven to be the "tightest" system in Michigan, if not the USA, for many back-to-back years.  I personally focused on illegal hookups, and probably saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in unauthorized use of cable sinal, let alone the leaks I stopped while doing it.  After a few short years of running my part of that department, and seeing my co-leader (in charge of the north territories) promoted, I tried for a promotion to the Theft Department.  The company decided to give the position to someone with less than two years in the company, due to the fact that he is a police officer.  If that wasn't bad enough for me to handle, management restructured the Leakage Department, and quickly, I found myself pulling mostly installation routes. (a little service mixed in)  Things contined to change and routing went from human to "automated", and then, instead of getting one job in an 8 to 10 am time-frame, we were getting two or sometimes three 8 to 10s.  Of course we all complained to our supervisors, but things like that continued to happen all the time.  Due to my health, and bad back, and mounting frustration, I decided to quit.  And Comcast and Unemployment Insurance Agency has been fighting me getting unemployment benifits ever since.  I currently have a lawyer, and am continuing to fight back, because I beleive I am owed this benifit for all the hard work and money I have made them over these long, frustrating years.

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