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Name: Wesley R Burgan   

- Forklift operator 2.5 years including training and license
- Cashier
- Truck trailer manual unloader, pre-customs package inspection, Multiple Shipments Lead Sorter
- Delivery Driver, vehicle maintenance, map reading, familiar with Southeast Michigan roads/highways
- Shipping & receiving Clerk, filing, warehouse inventory, MSDS
- Warehouse Supervisor Trainee over one year
- Corrugated boxes factory Lead Associate/New-hire Trainer
- Cable Tv/Satellite Contractor Installer
- Contract city worker Garden City, MI DPS
- Cable Tv Residential Sales Contractor
- In-house Cable/Broadband Installer, Senior Installer, Service Technician, Communications Technician, Lead CLI/Leakage Technician with complete knowledge of all aspects of the Broadband Industry including: Residential and commercial cabling standards, RF Signal
calculation and calibration for STD and HRC signals, grounding/bonding procedures that comply with NEC standards, Digital/HDTV, Hi-speed Internet, and CDV Telephony installation and service/troubleshooting procedures, Customer Service and relations, CLI/Leakage tracking/repair, CLI documents filing to comply with FCC policies, and training new-hires to perform all of the above broadband related duties


Wesley R Burgan 

Recent Employment History:

Advance Security Southfield MI (2012-2014) Site Supervisor

University of Michigan Dearborn (2012-2014) Public Safety Contractor/Security guard at campus Library

Minni Marie Bakery (2013-present) Security Guard

Comcast Cablevision, Taylor MI (1998-2010)

Installer (1998-2001)

Service Technician (2001-2003)

Communications Technician (2003-2010)

Lead CLI/Leakage Technician (2003-2006)

Technical Skills and Accomplishments:

Participated in Grosse Ile project which included total rebuild of cable plant and customers premise wiring, and working as a team with the entire Installation Department to insure day to day installation and service operations were handled in a professional and timely manner.

I was a Senior Installer Technician for over a year before I was promoted to the Service Department by the Service Manager. I worked in that department for about 2 years, when I was commissioned to do the job of fixing cable signal leakage. Less than 1 years later I was put in control of the Leakage Departments southern territories which included all Comcast's service areas south of Taylor. My duties included finding and fixing RF signal leakage, ingress and egress, and supervising other technicians by preparing them with day-to-day leakage related job duties, and collecting their feedback, and filing it for inspection of the FCC, helping other technicians and answering questions about all aspects of field or leakage work, directing technicians to the correct department or person responsible for any problems that arose that I was not familiar with, and preparing my Leakage Office with materials and documents related to the leakage job for technicians to take with them. I also trained many new hires.

As Lead CLI/Leakage Tech, I participated in the City of Monroe rebuild, actively repairing leakage issues and investigating many unauthorized or illegal hookups throughout the newly acquired territory. There I faced many complications that caused me to deal with dangerous situations; where in a couple of cases I required the help of Monroe Police or a show of force, by contacting and rallying a group of technicians to approach homes of irate and dangerous residents, who were uncooperative in my efforts to investigate leakage or illegal issues.

Not long after the completion of the Monroe rebuild, I was placed back into the Field, installing and servicing cable tv, internet, and phone (cdv) services.


High School graduate with a Computer Applications Certificate, several computer e-learning certificates of completion from companies such as Microsoft, NCSA, and HP (Hewlett-Packard). Cable related certifications From Continental Cablevision or Media One, SCTE, NCTI, and Comcast University, and several certificates of completion in the fields of Security and Law Enforcement from agencies such as IPS, Emergency Management Institute, RDPC, EOTA, and other Homeland Security Department, Department of Justice, and FEMA authorized courses completed online through Texas A&M Engineering Ext. Service and St. Petersburg College.  Also, I have earned continuing education completion Certificates from University of Michigan Public Health Training Center.

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